The Small Sites Program

The vast majority of the San Francisco’s existing rent-stabilized housing is in small buildings. The Small Sites Program has become one of the City’s signature housing preservation programs, protecting vulnerable tenants from displacement and abuse. The key to success for this program is simple: flexible and patient acquisition and construction capital to reposition the buildings, including rehabilitation, rent reorganization, and transitioning to long-term regulatory agreements.

Since its launch in April 2017, SFHAF has executed five Small Sites Preservation loans, highlighted below, focused on protecting vulnerable low-income tenants from displacement in the Mission neighborhood:

4830 Mission.png

4830 Mission St

Closing Date: July 25, 2018
Sponsor: MEDA 
Total Loan Amount: $13,248,000     

Impact: 21 residential units + six commercial

65 woodward.jpg

65-69 Woodward Street

Closing Date: February 22, 2018
Sponsor: MEDA 
Total Loan Amount: $3,047,708

Impact: 6 residential units 

3280 17th.jpg

2093 Mission Street

Closing Date: January 4, 2018
Sponsor: MEDA 
Total Loan Amount: $8,841,800     

Impact: 16 total units: 11 mixed-income residential + 5 commercial


60 28th Street

Closing Date: December 4, 2017
Sponsor: MEDA 
Total Loan Amount: $2,941,844      

Impact: 6 mixed-income residential units at 65% AMI

305 San Carlos.jpg

305 San Carlos

Closing Date: October 31, 2017
Sponsor: MEDA 
Total Loan Amount: $5,726,568     

Impact: 10 residential + 2 commercial + 2 ADU at 60-65% AMI

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 4.37.11 PM.png

1411 Florida

 Closing Date: May 24, 2017
 Sponsor: MEDA 
 Total Loan Amount: $3,510,000  

 Impact: 7 units at average 80% AMI