Katie Fisher

Katie Fisher joined SF HAF in 2024 as SVP Underwriting & Credit, playing a key role in driving loan originations and crafting internal credit policies. Prior to joining SF HAF, Katie served as Director of Silicon Valley Bank’s California Debt Originations team, overseeing a $375MM/year debt origination goal and a $30MM/year national EQ2 origination goal. Previously, Katie worked directly on the real estate development side as a Project Manager for Satellite Affordable Housing Associates, a Berkeley-based nonprofit developer, and prior to that as a Relationship Manager for Wells Fargo Bank’s Community Lending & Investment team. One of Katie’s foundational understandings of the world is that every single person has a right to a seat at the proverbial table, which attracted her to the affordable housing sphere where public, private and nonprofit actors each play their respective role in reshaping the power infrastructure of a country. Katie grew up in Oakland, CA, and can frequently be found hiking on an East Bay trail or cuddling with dogs at Oakland Animal Services. Katie received an MBA from Yale University and a BA from Middlebury College.