Protecting Families

Photographer Chloe Jackman-Buitrago was pregnant and preparing to welcome her child when she learned her home of nearly ten years was going up for sale. Worried about eviction, she and other tenants of 369 3rd Avenue organized and worked with Mission Economic Development Agency to protect their homes and also preserve the building as permanently affordable. The apartments at 369 3rd Avenue currently serve low-to-moderate-income households, and many residents come from multi-generational, multi-ethnic families. HAF was able to provide critical bridge funding to MEDA to keep the existing tenants in their homes and protect them from the threat of eviction. All twelve units at 369 3rd Avenue will remain affordable in perpetuity, meaning the current tenants will not only have stabilized housing for their own families, but those units will be affordable for future tenants as well.  Following the completion of critical repairs and upgrades, The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development expects to provide MEDA with permanent financing for the building in early 2021. Jackman-Buitrago continues to live in her apartment with her husband, Mike, and their son, Alanzo. Listen to an interview with Chloe Jackman on KPIX.